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Web Design

Our web sites are built on the popular WordPress platform. This lowers development costs and makes your sites transportable. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in use today. We take this blogging tool and supercharge it with custom templates built just for you meeting your specific design requirements.

Live Streaming

We’ll turn your Michigan based event, meeting, grand opening, sporting event, press conference, or business announcement into a live Internet video broadcast or webcast. We’ll bring our portable live production/streaming video rig to your location in Michigan. After the event we’ll provide you with a DVD, post your video on your web site, upload it to YouTube, and place it into your social networks where you video will go viral and tell your story over and over again!

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Foursquare, the list goes on for social media websites. We’ll make sure to get your business set up on all the major networks.


In today’s world, no one is leaving home without their cell phone. Mobile marketing provides you with a direct link to your consumers; Whether you want to send out coupons, run a contest, or advertise specials, with Woodward One Media you can provide this information instantly!

Email Marketing

Why use email marketing? It’s fast, cost effective, and draws more web traffic. We can quickly create email marketing campaigns for your business, allowing you to send out newsletters more frequently than paper, and to a larger number of recipients. Not to mention, email marketing keeps your customers in the loop, and therefore happy!

Live Event Production

Woodward One is a leading provider of comprehensive live event production services. If you are planning a meeting or corproate event anywhere in Michigan we can lend you a helping hand. Woodward One services include pipe and drape, staging, lighting, sound, video production, huge video screens, projectors, and much more!

Video Production

Do you need a video for your web site or corporate event? Woodward One can help you develop just what you need. We’ll work with you to plan your production. Our in house team will the shoot and edit your video and post it on your website, YouTube, or deliver it to you on Blue ray or DVD.